Colchester National Trust Group Privacy Policy

The Colchester National Trust Group Privacy Policy - reviewed July 2018

1.            Introduction

The Colchester National Trust Group respects the privacy of its members and is careful to ensure that any information of a personal nature provided to it by its members is held in secure conditions and is not in any way misused or abused.

2.            The Data Protection Act 2018

The Colchester National Trust Group is required to and makes every effort to comply with the principles of The Data Protection Act 2018.

3.            Use Made of Personal Information

Personal information provided to the Colchester National Trust Group on membership application and renewal forms, or by emails and telephone calls will only be used for the purposes outlined below.

Personal data collected and processed by Colchester National Trust Group may be used, for the following purposes:

  • Administration of membership(s) and of donations.
  • Information and reminders about Group events or activities
  • Provision and delivery of the Group Newsletter
  • In-house research and statistical analysis

4.            Consent

By providing personal data, including email addresses, to the Colchester National Trust Group, you consent to the processing of such data by Officers and Committee of the Group as described in this Privacy Policy.  Personal data provided by you will never be made available to other members of the Group, the National Trust or any other third party.

5.            Accessing, amending or removing personal data held by the Colchester National Trust Group

All personal information relating to members of the Colchester National Trust Group is held by the Membership Secretary. He or she may make that information available to members of the Committee of the Group where they have a need to use it but is otherwise completely responsible for its use and security.

Members have the right to ask the Colchester National Trust Group, in writing, for a copy of all the personal data held about them (this is known as a ‘subject access request’).  Such requests to access personal data held by the Group should be addressed to the Membership Secretary.

If, at any time, members wish to verify, update, amend or remove their personal data they should write to, email or telephone the Membership Secretary.  Verification, updating, amendment or removal of personal data will take place within 28 days of the receipt of a request.

6.            Complaints and Concerns relating to the holding and use of Personal Information

Any complaints or concerns should be addressed in the first instance to the Membership Secretary. If these are not adequately addressed or resolved, they should be followed up with the Chairman of the Group.

7.            Membership Secretary

The current membership secretary may be contacted via the Chairman.